An inspirational start on an auspicious day

Returning to an academic environment after a few years of corporate life is difficult, at least initially. One-year MBA courses just make one realise the value of time. It literally flies by in the blink of an eye while we wonder what just happened. There is barely any time to adapt to rapid changes that keep happening perpetually. The mind is at work all day long, picking up bits and pieces of information that keep floating around everywhere. At the end of the day, when one would expect some kind of relief for all the hard work during the day, there is more work to be done. In short, the mind is taxed.

The weekdays are just a matter of routine. Classes, assignments, quizzes, projects, student life, peer learning and what not !!! Everything possible is cramped into the tiny slot of 24 hours. The weekends are not much different either. The never-ending burden of assignments just fails to leave our heavy shoulders. Our professors make sure of that.

Amidst all this humdrum of a grad student, there is barely any time to indulge in oneself. However, as I realised lately, there has to be enough attention given to self to be able to manage this pressure of academics, else a person will go crazy in mesh of academics, information and knowledge.

That need to have a hobby is the inspiration that I needed today to return to my hobby – writing. And what a better day to get inspired than on my birthday !!! That’s the auspicious bit of it.

The inspiration emerged today from two of my classmates, Amrit and Siddhartha, who, after a long day and week of student life, sat back in the Chillout room (pictured below) to do just that – chill. Sid had brought his guitar to college and both enthusiasts were enjoying some time by themselves, just getting back in touch with the strings. I was about to leave campus but I stopped to hear them play. I was glued.

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As I sat there, stretched out on a comfortable bean bag, I couldn’t help but notice the serenity in the room. The time to unwind had finally arisen and plans for the weekend were being quickly finalised. A couple of my classmates joined me in the chillout room but Amrit and Sid were evidently oblivious to the room and the people around them. They did not play for us; they played for themselves. They were so engrossed in their passion that they forgot about everything else, even that they had not made any plans for dinner or the weekend. They kept at it, unperturbed by the flow of people going about their own tasks, working their way with the strings like they offered salvation.

While they played, I relaxed and wondered what I needed to do. The only obvious answer that sprang up in my head like a bulb of inspiration was my blog. I had given it up a while ago, pressed for time. But such opportunities gave me enough time to reflect on myself and learn from what happened daily around me. If my classmates could find time to indulge in their passions, so could I.

Words soon began to float around in the air. They bemoaned my absence and pleaded me to return. They told me they missed me and asked me to give them their due attention. Needless to say, I had to pay heed.

Right after returning home, I switched on my laptop and went online to my dormant blog on WordPress. I had missed being here and it was time to let the passion take control. I had learned today, apart from all the academic concepts, that no matter how stressful life gets, there is always time for oneself. This is the time for reflection, introspection and self-awareness, much-needed traits in the vast world of people, information and collaboration. I had found, through my classmates, the inspiration to return to my blog. Let the odyssey begin…


2 thoughts on “An inspirational start on an auspicious day

  1. Congratulations, good luck on your new endeavour and Happy Birthday!! I just read this post and wrote something simliar today-about words forming and floating around. Great minds think alike!


  2. Hi Dana,
    Nice to have you around. Thank you for the birthday wishes and the same on the blog. I read your post. Yes it is similar but a very nice read, as usual. 🙂
    Looking forward to some more stuff soon…


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