A self-indulgent day and the resulting bliss

A few months ago, before my course began, I was at home, anxiously waiting for my Visa formalities to get completed and for the authorities to tell me that I was licensed and permitted to fly to their country for my studies. The endless wait and the anxiety of the limited time kept most of us busy, juggling between the final few days at work (for the ones who had not resigned yet) and beginning packing for the year that lay ahead.

During one of such days, I did nothing all day, except what pleased me the most – read. I spent the entire day doing what I love the most. I did not go out, except for a long-pending haircut; I did not watch TV; I did not sleep; I did not take power naps; I did not procrastinate. All I did the entire day was read.

I remember sitting in front of my laptop, like the typical nerd that I am, reading my heart out. I devoured the numerous articles that I had put in my to-read list; I read every one of them, going about it like a man possessed. That day was the day when life did not tell me what to do; I decided what I wanted to do and did it.

I read news, articles, blogs, etc., on a variety of topics ranging from Twitter and its business strategy, its revenue model and its plans; Indian business landscape and the changing dynamics of global  business; Amazon and its investment in drones for delivery; the challenges, pros and cons of such a technological investment; Indian politics and the scandals. There was just so much to read and so much to follow that I did not realise how the day flew by.

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Source: Reading Scripture

I did not stick to only a single source of information. I jumped from one to another, using the related categories to obtain more information and insight into the matter. My browser had, at a point of time, at least 50 tabs open. I stopped expanding the to-read list only when my browser could not take it any more and screamed at me in anguish to have mercy on its burdened shoulders and not kill it by burning up its memory.

As a whole, it was a well-spent day doing nothing but reading. It was a day of self-indulgence; a day in which productivity was at its yearly high and my knowledge levels spiked from the “dumb ignorant” scale to the “not so ignorant now” level. I knew there was a lot to follow up on, but at least there was a start.

I found my solace in reading. It was one of those days when despite not having done any productive activity in the traditional sense of the word, I felt like I had attained enlightenment. It was indeed an illuminating day, for I had been dragged from the dungeons of ignorance and unawareness to the illumination of knowledge and information.

I was immensely gratified by the solitude that I had the entire day and the resulting bliss that I felt at the end of the day. I learned that our whims and interests should not always take a back seat; rather, our allocation of time and resources to our fancies allows us to do what pleases us the most, providing us with the much-needed fresh impetus to tackle life. Such days are when we truly learn to know ourselves and our priorities and passions. They reveal more about ourselves than any other busy day probably can. Time spent on ourselves doing what we love the most is introspectively illuminating and excitedly enriching. You should try it, if you haven’t already. Let me know how it works out for you.

For the ones who have already experienced such days, how have you felt? What has been your takeaway from such days? How have they helped you?


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