‘Crush’ed… Am I in love ??!!

I recently had an opportunity to interview the elusive Mr Heart, who has been evading interviews for a long time. Thankfully, after a lot of prodding, Mr Heart agreed to an exclusive interview in which he allowed me a peek into his world of love and emotions. Here is the full transcript of the first ever interview with Mr Heart.

Me: Mr Heart, thank you very much for your time today to discuss matters with me. I really appreciate the opportunity.

Mr Heart: You’re welcome. In fact, I decided it was time to come out of my shell and let the world know what I really am and felt about.

Me: Yes, I am glad you want to discuss this with me. I’ve been informed that you wanted to talk about Her.

Mr Heart: Well, not specifically, but I wouldn’t mind. I guess it is that time of the age cycle when everyone realises just how valuable I am.

Me: So Mr Heart, you’re saying that you are in love, again?

Mr Heart: No no, I’m not in love yet. It’s way too early to call this love. I barely know Her.

Me: I see. So if you are not in love, what would you call this? You do feel something akin to love, don’t you? We’ve all heard rumours that you feel very happy seeing her. Why is that?

Mr Heart: (a little defensively) When you put it that way, it does sound a lot like love. But let me clarify. Love is a lot more difficult to comprehend. Even I wish it were that simple. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of your logical computer programs that runs algorithms and comes out with a binary response providing you with solutions to everything.

This is a lot more complicated. It is an interspersion of a lot of emotions that I carry within myself. It makes it difficult to classify it as love. You know, now that you mention it, let me also clarify that my function is a lot more than pumping blood to ensure your survival. I do have other intangible functions that a lot of movies use to good effect. I carry all those complex emotions and feelings that Mr Brain, the intelligent one, cannot fathom.

Me: This is insightful indeed. We, on the outside, have never been exposed to such knowledge. (After a brief pause) So, would it be wise to say that because of all this content that you carry within yourself, it is now difficult for you to clearly pick out the emotion that you have for Her?

Mr Heart: No, I don’t think that is entirely accurate. I do know what I feel for Her. I believe the colloquial word for this is “crush“.

Me: Wow, so She is your latest crush?

Mr Heart: Yes.

Me: Tell us something about Her.

Mr Heart: Well, I don’t really know what to say because I’m out of words, despite my apparent usual verbosity in such matters.

Me: Still, please try.

Mr Heart: Hmm. If you insist, I can tell you that all I want to do is talk to Her, to know Her, to be Her friend… I don’t have anything else on my mind. I just want to know what She thinks, what kind of a person She is, what She likes and doesn’t like, and so on.

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Source: Planet Radio City

It is just an emotion drawn out of affectionate curiosity I guess. Remember the feeling that Siddharth Sinha (Akshaye Khanna) has for Tara Jaiswal (Dimple Kapadia) in the famous movie Dil Chahta Hai? That is the kind of relationship for which society has no words, a relationship in which there is a lot said without being said. That is the kind of adulation I have for Her.

Me: That is very sweet indeed. Have you spoken to Her?

Mr Heart: No.

Me: Why not?

Mr Heart: I don’t know what to say. I’m scared she won’t respond favourably if I talk to Her. I can’t just walk up to Her and blurt out something stupid. I guess I’m not used to it. Moreover, whenever I see Her, I go blank. While I’m still pumping blood, there is a moment of silence that I observe. Now you know why you skip a beat.

Me: Haha, yes I do. This is very interesting. Why don’t you just go talk to her nonetheless?

Mr Heart: It is always nice to have your presence acknowledged first when your eyes meet. What kind of confidence would you have if you are just another object in one’s range of vision? Somehow I get this feeling with Her. She is an enigma to me. I can’t figure out what goes on in Her head the moment our eyes meet, before Hers wander away to other things as if I don’t exist at all. It is difficult to pick up anything from her body language as well, making matters even more complicated for the introverted self that I am.

Me: You adore Her very much. I think you should talk to Her.

Mr Heart: I know I should, but I can never muster up the courage to do so. I guess I am one of the typical Indian males who struggle all their youth to approach women of their choice, till, one fine day, their parents end up finding a “perfect match” for them through the hokum algorithms of the numerous matrimonial websites that flood the country. I don’t see an easy way out of this, unless I just go without fear once and say what I have to say to Her.

Me: Yes, Mr Heart, I certainly hope you do that. I would love to know Her reaction.

Mr Heart: I am sure I would like that too. But till that becomes a reality, let’s be immersed in our routines – you in your writing, me in my “bloody” pumping.

Me: Yes, let’s do that. Thank you very much Mr Heart for this opportunity to have this exclusive interview with you. It was indeed very insightful.

Mr Heart: You’re welcome. The next time you feel the urge to talk to me, you know where to reach me. Feel free to drop in anytime.

Me: I will, certainly. Now, before I leave, the most important question that everybody on the outside wishes to know – Who is She? What is Her name?

Mr Heart: Hey, what’s the fun in spilling all the beans? If life doesn’t tell you what is going to happen next, why should I?

Me: But Mr Heart, now that you’ve told us so much about Her, we deserve to know Her name.

Mr Heart: Yes, you do. But not now. There is a time for everything and the time for this is not right now. In the meanwhile, I will also sort myself out and get a fairer understanding of the complexity of the matter. After that, I’ll think about revealing Her details.

Till then, adios. Keep in touch and do drop me a line below to let me know what you think.


45 thoughts on “‘Crush’ed… Am I in love ??!!

  1. yes reader’s do wanna know the name of the girl, & if possible the name of the mother of “How i met ur mother” too, lol. very well written SID. hope to see more organs…errr… articles in such interviewed ishtyle. \m/


    • Hi Kiran,

      As I, err.. Mr. Heart, said, He is not ready yet to reveal the name of the girl. Well, at least not till she herself has read it. And that should take quite some time considering that she doesn’t even know that I blog and that I posted an interview with Mr. Heart. 🙂

      But you can contact the script-writers of HIMYM to find the name of the mother. Maybe at least they’ll have mercy to end your curiosity.

      Thanks for your valued comments buddy. Glad to have you stopping by. Oh, btw, in case you are interested, there are a couple of other posts too, although none of them is an interview.

      Keep visiting… 🙂


    • Thanks buddy…
      I am not sure of the Jab We Met relation to this article. As far as I could decipher based on my remembrance of the movie, Shahid isn’t really one of those Indian males.
      And, in my case, neither am I Shahid Kapoor, nor is she Kareena Kapoor to approach me on her own.
      Wouldn’t that be euphoria though !!??

      Glad to have you stopping by…


  2. Very funny indeed!! Loved the way in which you have compared Mr. Heart and Mr. Brain. I am sure there is not much difference between the experiences of a girl’s heart and a boy’s heart in the above mentioned scenario.. :P.


    • Hi Rujuta,

      Thanks a ton. I am not sure of the difference, in any, in the hearts of people of both genders. However, I am very WELL-AWARE of the shy-male syndrome that encompasses most Indian males, me included.

      Glad to have you stopping by… 🙂


  3. thats a great write up with apt comedy! 🙂
    and ya its very evident that u can be a great sponsor of STAR world and its series!! 😉
    and ya would surely like to know who is she????
    Its great that you could make a heart speak!!!
    hats off to your imagination…..and no doubt about your vocab!!!It runs in your blood!! 😉


    • Hi Sarvesh, thanks a ton. I didn’t quite understand the Star-relation though.
      As I said, I…err.. Mr. Heart isn’t ready yet to reveal her name, at least not till she herself has read this, and this could take really long considering that she doesn’t even know that I blog and that I have posted an interview with Mr. Heart.
      Yea, even I did not know that Mr. Heart would open up, but hey, apparently he did.
      Thanks again for the compliments. Really glad to have you stop by.. 🙂

      Perhaps you could ask your sister also to read?. I don’t have her contact info.


      • ya sure!!!
        she’ll read it rather she is reading it right now! 😀
        and abt the STAR connection…u mentioned almost all the prime time star world series in your write up!!! I think Mr.Heart is a follower of all of them…


        • Oh cool.
          Yea, I mentioned the TV series which I (Me) followed. Mr. Heart also indulged in such fancies sometimes, but Mr. Brain LOVED, absolutely LOVED, Lie to Me, because that is what Mr. Brain loves to do, the same thing Dr. Cal Lightman does.


    • Mahima,
      Glad to have you stop by. Really is gladdening.
      Thanks a ton for your valued feedback. Heartening indeed.
      Knowing you very well, I know that you mean every word, and it is a huge boost to read such a wonderful feedback from you.
      Thanks again. Hope to see you around… 🙂


  4. wow….any girl (with some brains) would loved to be written abt like that…an interesting monologue, but not if u consider ur heart as a separate individual….:P…a suggestion: sometimes a slightly opened door is worse than a closed door….Ted said that to robin in HIMYM….say wat u feel to ur office mate ;)…better to feel sad for sometime, than to wait for a lifetime (easier said than done)…good luck 🙂


    • Hi Geetika, Glad you could stop by.

      Well, even I hope that she loves to be written about like this, but hey she doesn’t even know that I blog and that I have written something about her. For all I know, she might not even be interested.
      I do not consider my Heart a separate individual. Hence, it is indeed a monologue. 🙂
      Sorry I could not figure out the meaning of the thing that Ted said to Robin. Could you please help?

      As I said, I am pretty sure I would go speechless when I muster the guts to talk to her. So speaking my heart out to her is a far-fetched dream.

      Thanks for reading by the way.. 🙂


  5. This one was so sweet. My first thought was awww!! I hope it works out for you. No guts no glory as they say. Maybe just find ways to talk more instead of thinking of dating? Are Indian men really timid? Didn’t think that was a cultural thing. The conversation with Mr Heart was an interesting idea with you the observer. Good Luck!!


    • Hehe, thanks. In fact, the ‘aww’ reaction is what most people have conveyed to me. The dating thing would be like a dream-come-true. Indian men, at least me in this context, do not think that far, at least not when they don’t even have the guts to approach the girl to talk to her !!!
      I haven’t even spoken to her even once yet, so the innovation process to do that is working overtime, but to no avail yet.
      Indian stereotypes, in general, MIGHT be timid. But the situation (culture as a whole) here is changing drastically. Modern India isn’t timid. It’s outgoing and an extrovert, sometimes to the point of driving you to death with their incessant narcissistic talks.

      Again, thanks for your time. Glad you liked it. 🙂


      • You’re most welcome-let me know if I can every help or you need me to read anything. You’re doing great! I hate to say it but most of what I know if from some people I know but mostly from movies such as Monsoon Wedding and City of Joy and the UK films like East meets East. We eat them up when we get an Indian films here. Bollywood dancing is huge here now as well-finally! A small part of the culture I know ; )


        • Oh well, I would love to get any help that I can, but the problem is – I don’t know what help I need exactly. 😦 But I’ll surely keep you posted in case of any developments, both positive and negative, or as it is currently in my case, none.. 😛

          “You’re doing great!” – This is certainly very encouraging. 🙂 Thanks Dana.

          Oh, you love those movies? Nice. So do I. Such movies are very different from the mainstream Bollywood movies, which are going down the drain in all aspects of film-making and cinema. Some rare ones are exceptionally good, but most are just business ventures, developed solely for the purpose of profit.
          Bollywood dancing is definitely a rage everywhere. I am sure that there are tons of Indians in your city, especially if you are near a popular university. You’ll find many tips on Bollywood from them. 🙂 But yea, know them well before you make any conclusions because stereotypes have infiltrated the US too. LOL…:)


  6. Aptly said…
    Although thats the mentality a few years back and applicable to everyone at some stage of life…
    I guess one has to feel it to njoy it…
    But a nice read…with a pleasant difference i must say…


    • Hey hi thanks for stopping by. Well, even I hope to be able to do that. But I don’t want the “Hello” to be the only word exchanged between us. 🙂
      Nonetheless, am glad to have you here.


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  8. Hey mate,

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. May be the girl is expecting you to say it. So say it after you start talking to her and befriending her. I hope you don’t end up regretting that you didn’t try, when you had the chance to. I wish you the very best.

    I loved the interview.



  9. Ah… well… I’ll be patrolling like a hawk to freeze any covert moment of my interest below, so better be careful Mr Heart… you’ve made me curious now 😉
    Till then a beer would do… cheers!!!


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