The odyssey to the odyssey of camaraderie…

I realised pretty late in my life that I could write. As a matter of fact, I realised it just this year, when I started this blog to pen down whatever came to my mind. I had been an English-enthusiast all along, having excelled at English in school, whenever the teacher could comprehend what I had scribbled in my ‘calligraphic’ handwriting. But those flashes of brilliance had only been limited to academics, given my pedantic nature.

Earlier, I did not even have an inclination to pen down my thoughts, but when a friend introduced me to the world of blogging, I took to it immediately. Before long, I was writing about a host of topics that I cared about. Initially, I worried that I might not be good enough for the blogging community, but as I kept on reading and writing, I realised that the community does not care whether you are good or bad. The community is not judgemental and does not treat blogging as a competition for survival. Most people enjoy writing and write only for the purpose of writing, with a tinge of reverence to the writing community. It felt wonderful to connect with them.

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I started writing about a lot of stuff: a Flash game called FarmVille, which inaugurated my blog; my days at office; lessons from English football; change of perception of football in India; love and so on. As I kept writing and publishing, people read me and gave their invaluable honest comments. That propelled me further to look for avenues to grow.

My interactions with the blogging community and my peers and seers led me to the world of freelancing. It felt like I had just entered the fascinating world of Narnia. Everything felt so surreal and out of this world. I thought to myself – How am I going to learn everything there is to learn in the world of freelancing? How am I going to acquire the skills needed to be a successful freelancer? How should I determine what I want to do and what I don’t? How should I learn the skills of the trade? It all felt dizzying and insanely beyond my reach.

But I kept at it. I struggled and persevered. I registered on several freelancing websites to get a start in the world of freelancing. I applied for several projects, wrote to numerous employers and created innumerable ‘cover letters’ to make me stand out from the crowd. Of course, as you can imagine, a beginner’s life in any trade is always difficult. I had to endure and keep going.

Fortuitously, my prayers were eventually answered. One employer contacted me for an editing assignment that needed to be completed in a day. I had time at hand and I volunteered for it for the lowest price possible. I got the assignment; I began work on it immediately and finished it well on time. Though I had ample time to submit it, I worked on it again, and again, and again, till I was convinced for myself that I had done the best I could. I submitted the assignment on time and the employer gave me a decent rating on the site and paid me. In retrospect, it was just a tiny editing assignment worth a couple of hours but, eager and anxious that I was to make my mark on the freelancing world, I spent hours finding out ways to improvise.

At the end of the day, I felt happy with the task I had accomplished. The task was easy, the payment was meagre and the impact was infinitesimal, but I felt a sense of accomplishment as if I had just gotten a cheque for being the author of a bestseller.

From there began the journey of writing. From there began the journey of using words to express what my mouth did not and, at times, could not. From there began the odyssey of camaraderie…


26 thoughts on “The odyssey to the odyssey of camaraderie…

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  3. I can understand that feeling of gratification as I have walked on similar roads too. Glad to read about your perseverance and how it paid you – it’s so inspiring to read about your odyssey – and all I can say is wish you more and more success with it in the future. All the best. 🙂


    • Thanks Arti. It is glad that I inspired you, at least a bit. The thing is that you guys have inspired me to write about what inspired me. It feels gladdening to have been an inspiration to someone. I hope I can continue to be a source of at least glee, if not inspiration, to someone through each of my posts…
      Glad to have you here.


  4. Hi Siddharth,
    I’ve been desperate to read you since that day when we met in IB but my sincere aplogies, I had to keep your link bookmarked as I could no way read your thoughtful paragraphs in a jiffy… and this Sunday I kicked my lazy butt and threw myself onto your space to discover your story 🙂 I’m contemplating on freelancing too but too apprehensive to prepare myself for the bottleneck… any suggestion broda?


    • Hi Anunoy
      I can totally understand. What you went through is a quandary I go through daily. There is so much amazing content to read and so much to share and so much to do. If only there were more hours in a day.. 😛
      Coming to the topic, well I am no expert in freelancing. In fact, I gave it up when I went for my MBA and haven’t had the time since to come back to it. So, while I do know some basics of it, I am not an authority. But sure, I’ll do my best to help you out. I honestly think you, with your photography skills, can carve a niche out for yourself on a long-term, which most of us, with only words as our aid, can’t.
      Let’s discuss more on IndiMail or other avenues to sort this out. What say?


      • Hi Siddharth, thanks for getting back. I should indform you, apart from my photo blog which you’ve seen, I have another blog for write ups too. So, I too can write articles for a master… you know what I mean 😛 Are you in fb? 🙂

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        • Hey Anunoy I’m aware of your other blog as well, though I haven’t had much time to go through it. Trust me, in the coming days, I will.
          Writing articles for a ‘master’ as you put it enriching if both of you are into it as much as both would like to be. Else it becomes a drudgery much like a day-job.
          Yes I am active on almost all social networks. My picture is also the same. Should be easy to find.. 🙂


  5. Yao, as always, I admire your love to write/ blog.

    I barely got into the world of bloggers once. But this brief peek made me realize that:
    • Other bloggers don’t judge but encourage – this is good for beginners and also for a community to build and sustain itself
    • Blogging is for one who is innately passionate towards writing and mostly used as an alternative channel of expressing oneself or one’s opinions.

    However, I do realize it has potential other benefits as well:
    1. Improves ones ability to structure, articulate and present thoughts (This is true man! I had to revise the structure of this reply multiple times so far to think what I was actually intending to write 😀 . I’m sure you would have got it right the first time with your experience)
    2. The process of writing a blog creates the need to read/ brush-through many journals and blogs, thereby improving knowledge and awareness

    You know me well enough to know that I don’t belong to the category of passionate-about-writing kind. i.e.., I need something more (greedy me!) out of my effort. Maybe (or am I too certain?) it is because I’m too lazy and therefore seek higher marginal benefit (compared to what other’s perceive the benefit their effort yields).

    Having said that (as a non-blogger at heart), I see that you have made tremendous progress in the former area (see the potential benefits). This is evidenced by the fact that, more often than not, I see a blog from you which is a random rant. It is the latter part that I recommend you really structure and focus your energy upon. Do you remember our discussion about a blogging platform bringing the world our unbiased opinions on news articles? I think it is high time you start with a category and educate/ amuse a wider audience with your opinions.

    I’m sure that the blogging community would love to hear what their peer blogger thinks about the events happening around them.

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    • Yao !!! I didn’t know you still read me. That feels great man. 🙂 You wrote an entire post as a comment. Your comment is almost as long as my post. Feels great to read. I can barely contain my excitement.

      You know what, I think your comment has instigated a thought in me to write more briefly about the aspects you touch upon, as each encircles a wider and broader topic I would like to write about.

      Yes, I’ve been ranting for the most part, but as you recommend, there is some effort ongoing in the writing-for-educating cause. Considering that I am relatively a lot freer than most others, I can invest a significant amount of time when I am not the rueful, sulky, sullen, gloomy, depressed self. 😀

      Coming back to the point, there is something in store, but it has to take a firmer idea yet and I need to sort out my flow of ideas so as to compose themselves. The final and the most important issue I believe is credibility, which will obviously take a lifetime to build.

      All that being said, I will certainly focus on this suggestion and try to bring about more value the best way I can through my two cents on the world… Trust me, that’s all I can afford right now.. 😛

      Good to have you here. Let’s hope we can make this work…


  6. First of all congratulations Siddharth on bagging and completing assignment. Thats exactly the difference of job satisfaction on something that we are passionate about. Yes this community is not judgemental and no differentiation too. Nice post and a pleasant read.

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    • Thanks Shweta for dropping by. I feel glad to be a part of the entire blogging community, moreso with our close knit IB community. It is heartening to read and learn from others and share our work.
      It feels so endearing to be read.
      Thanks again for stopping by. Hope to see you around…


  7. Thank you for sharing your part of story….we all have things to do and then manage but there’s something called life calling and then we just do it with sheer passion….I liked your blog name…Have you read Homer’s Odyssey…a masterpiece …a classic epic poem with an enriching tale to tell


    • Hi Chaitali, thanks for stopping by. It is heartening to be a part of this wonderful community of people who find solace through words.

      Thanks for reading and liking. I haven’t gotten around to reading Homer’s Odyssey yet but I think I will get to it soon enough, after I finish what seems to be a long list of articles and books waiting to be read… 😛


  8. It sure is a very gratifying experience Sid :). Kudos to the paid assignment, I am sure it is just a start and going ahead there will be so many that you would have to pick and choose which ones you are willing to work with. All the very best mate 🙂


    • Hi Vinay I’m so glad you stopped by. Yes I totally agree it is a very gratifying experience. Feels like an achievement that deserves much more praise that required. 😀
      Well, this assignment I spoke of was over a couple of years ago. I’m sure I’ve lost touch with both writing and freelancing; I guess I will have to put in a lot of efforts to try to get myself back in action. But that’s the purpose of the journey… 🙂
      I hope what you say turns out that way. I will feel blessed and privileged.
      Thanks for stopping by…

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    • Sir, thank you very much for stopping by. Clearly, you have to be mocking me when you say I inspire you. We both know it is quite the other way around. This freelance assignment was quite a long time ago (in early 2012) I think. I just wrote about it now. 😛
      Apropos the perseverance, well, I don’t know what to say… I’ve got nothing better apparently to do in life..:P 😀


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