Thank God It’s Friday !!!

We often evolve and change over time. But some things remain the same. I noticed that something I had penned down a couple of years ago is as applicable today as it was then…

After a gruelling week during which I had to undergo a training in the morning, have a quick bite in the afternoon for the mere purpose of sustenance, slog through the afternoon trying to make sense of ubiquitous lines of code that demanded to be put in logical sequence, attend client calls in the evening and report the status of my work and pose questions on the next day’s tasks, and finally start working again to try to complete the day’s tasks and prepare for the unmatched repetition of the next day, I found respite in the Friday. TGIF, as they say !!!

Thus, after five gruelling days of hard work, I found some time for myself, to dismiss the idea of work and indulge in myself. After all, the weekend is as much a necessity for me as oxygen. It began pumping on the most wonderful day of the week – Friday. It is truly wonderful because it brings with it a lot of plans, sentiments and anticipation. I’ve noticed that what seems so boring on a Mundane Monday does not seem so on a Frolicking Friday. Work gets done remarkably quickly, productivity levels shoot up, sincerity takes precedence over laxity and procrastination is almost thrown out the door. People begin to transform on a Friday, apparently.

I also observed that people are much jollier on Fridays than on any other working day. Perhaps it has to do something about the dress code, which in most IT companies, allows smart casuals or business casuals on Fridays, instead of the business formals for the rest of the week. Or perhaps it has to do something about the arrival of the weekend that people find merrily welcoming. Or perhaps it is just an internal body clock that rewards people for working hard for the previous four days. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I love being in the jolly mood of a Friday. It is an adrenaline-pumping atmosphere worth soaking in as the weekend beckons and offices are emptied at record-setting pace.

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Once out of the office though, everyone is like an unleashed animal. Plans get materialised quickly and bars get filled sooner. Once the weekend begins, everyone has his or her own thing to do. The weekend begins and all official work gets postponed to Monday.

Once the weekend begins, individual plans come to the fore. But one nagging thought that haunts most people, I’m sure, is that the weekend is just way too short, compared to the rest of the week. There is so much to do over the weekend and so little time. How can 48 hours of a weekend be justified for 120 hours of the work week !!! That is a highly skewed ratio. I wish The Almighty listens to the prayers of millions and makes the HR people change the work week to four days, extending the weekend to three. Wow, wouldn’t that be fun !!!

But even in the 48 hours of the weekend, there is so much to do. I feel that I want to do a lot of stuff but towards the end of the weekend, I feel like all I’ve done is sleep and relax. I somehow never seem to find the time to do what I really want to do. Sometimes, even if I indulge in myself, I don’t find it gratifying enough to be able to say that it was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend with no regrets. There is always something that I wanted to do but could not or did not. Something always remains unfinished and unfulfilled. But I believe this holds true for most of us. Most of us have a lot of plans for the weekend but we almost end up skipping or failing to do some of those, leaving us with a tinge of regret and plans for the next.

Now, as I complete doing something that I want to do, write, I stare straight into the future. This fine Sunday evening mocks me with a grin of devilish derision as I give up, helplessly, to the power of time. The weekend is drawing to a close and all I can do about it is surrender myself to another week of monotonous drudgery of work. The dark, long tunnel of the work week is about to begin and I’m entering it at bullet speed.

But then, at the end of the tunnel is the tiny speck of light. That speck of light is my saviour. It is the much-awaited weekend that I will cherish the next time. There is a glimmer of faith in my heart that tells me that the same power of time that takes you to the Monday will also bring you to the Friday and the weekend.

As they say, all good things come to those who wait…and wait I shall.


51 thoughts on “Thank God It’s Friday !!!

  1. I can relate to that TGIF. When I was a full time mum, I always made Friday my day. I would make sure my children had their Friday night as well, after all, school was 5 days a wk, so for them I would buy them a video, and treat them to lots og Goodies while I would be down stairs drinking my lil bottle of scotch, and listening to me vinals. Now my children are grown, I still live for my Fridays, I have a special bath on Friday nights, and I spend the wk in my Jammies, and just chill. x


  2. Brilliant piece of expressing out the Friday Fetish that everyone would lap up. Friday is sacrosanct even as Monday is the albatross. The language is very good, contents explicit and flow, quite smooth. Guard, however, against a bit of redundancy that crops up intermittently. Assured of such fine-tuning and well-ordained precis, you are bound to hit the big league, eliciting a deserving following. My best wishes, but of course. God bless…


    • This is a huge boost to the ‘blogger’ within me.
      I really appreciate you taking time out to read and reply, while immensely giving me the satisfaction of having composed something that is not just linguistically lucid, but also conceptually clear.
      Will definitely work on nipping the redundancies in the bud. Thanks again.. 🙂


  3. Beautifully penned down. Enjoyed reading a lot. I am sure every working person identifies with your emotions. Weekend is truly a blessing and much more treasured for people like us who work six days a week. For me its Thank God It’s Saturday…:-)


    • Hey first of all, thanks a ton for reading and replying. It does provide me with valuable feedback on my capability.
      Thanks for your lovely feedback. Even I hope that people equate with the content.
      Six days a week is kind of an obsolete concept these days, isn’t it? As far as I know, most companies prefer the 5-day week to the 6-day week. Nonetheless, you have the Saturday to thank Him for. 🙂

      Thanks again for your valuable reply.


        • OMG !!! Six days a week of Shawshank !!! No time for redemption then !!!
          Alternate Saturdays off? Hmm…Which firm are you at exactly? Let’s take this on FB… 🙂


    • Hey thanks for reading and replying. I follow your blog, too, though most of it is not my cup of tea. Kitchen and I never really gel unless it is at the dinner-table, when we gel extremely well. 🙂
      Haha, the 999 are the ones I was referring to anyway. I am yet to find that 1, so I assumed that the 999 would equate with my content.
      Thanks again for your time and reply. 🙂


  4. That was great to read. Personally I like enjoy week days too. I am not that tired when i get back home. but what you wrote is case most of times and I have observed that too.


    • VOILA !!!
      All the 999 folks, here is THE ONE !!!
      Pradnya, we should probably meet up. I have so much to learn from you about enjoying the week days. I just feel asphyxiated on weekdays due to the lack of time for personal indulgence. Maybe you could share a tip or two?… 🙂

      Btw, thanks a ton for reading and replying. It is immensely helpful to have people read my stuff, and to know their perceptions about it.


      • Okay I sure have time to spend with u any day. Besides if every day gone is never to come back, hence i make sure i enjoy every day and dont wait for weekends for same


        • Hey thanks for your time both to come read this and to meet me. 🙂
          I sure agree with your philosophy of enjoying the day to the fullest. However, my complaint lies exactly with that. If I do not have time, because of any reason, for so many of my passions, then it becomes difficult to make the most of each day, well at least for me it is.
          Nonetheless, thanks for stopping by. And yea, let’s materialize the idea of meeting up.. 🙂


          • Working life make following passion difficult for sure. But we can have at least some good time everyday. My good time is to stay in touch with my family, to meet my close friends at least once in week(which i am not so regular with but still I do keep time for them.) and yes I read before going to bed. I somehow even manage time for jog or walk in morning. My day seems to be huge, right?


            • Yea absolutely. Has He given you 48 hours in your day? Could you share a couple with me please? 😛
              On a more serious note, yes your day does indeed constitute for a lot of activity. I think that’s good because you do not have monotony creeping in. Rather, variety, the spice of life, keeps you occupied and active too. Good for you. 🙂


    • Hey, I think the topic of weekday vs. weekend is clearly biased in favour of weekend. However, with you show a very strong inclination to be among the geniuses in the “1” category, I think it’s fair that you like the weekdays too. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by buddy.. 🙂


  5. This is another of your best writing. However this time I am not in any position to concur with it. I HATE WEEKENDS. In my current position, as I need to visit a temple on Saturday which consists 4 long hours of travel in it, I am forced to take an off (One of the problem living in UK). However, after that “Shaw shank Redemption” of 4 hours, I am again left with NOTHING and I mean it actually NOTHING to do. I am forced to sit in front of television and heat up the couch. When in reality I am left craving for Monday when I could just leave home, be at my desk in office and start doing the only thing I am good at right now, my job. I am not keen on any sports. I am not interested to socialise with anyone here. And yes I do like watching television, but not for more than 2-3 hours in a day. And lastly my girlfriend is 7500 KM away from me, and we seldom talk on phone during weekends as she is at her residence. All these issues get resorted when I am working on weekdays. I can do what I like the most; I can talk with my girlfriend whenever I wish till she does not reach home again. And lastly I have some people around me (work colleagues) who at least offer to communicate something with me (generally about work). So yes I admit I would never say or agree with the TGIF phenomenon. It just does not work for me.


    • Oh buddy, I sympathize with you. You’re currently undergoing the “travails of working abroad”. I concede that in your case, perhaps the TGIF doctrine does not apply in its truest sense. However, the weekend does have its share of fun if you have something to do that you like. In your case, most of the things you like happen to fall on weekdays.
      Anyway, nice to have you stop by. 🙂


  6. Sidd, it’s good to see a blog flooded with comments 🙂 and yes, your generous replies are a motivation to all those who like reading. You have really penned your heart and yes, this really is an article for every working professional, with a message too which I found out ” All good things come to those who wait…”. Keep writing and I know you are truly enjoying this now. Good Luck!! 🙂


    • Hey it’s not that flooded yet. But yea, the number of people beginning to read is gradually increasing. I would love to share with more though. Perhaps you, the readers, could help. 🙂
      Thanks for the generosity in appreciating my generosity. 🙂
      Well, I am not sure I intended it to be a message, but yea, there is a kind of philosophical touch attached to it that makes it stand out as a message. I agree.
      Yes, I will continue to write as long as people like you are willing to read. 🙂 And about my enjoyment, well, such things keep me alive. Need I say more? Hehe..
      Thanks a ton for your wishes, thanks for taking time out to read and provide your valuable feedback. 🙂


  7. Hey Sid, good article….I am also one among the 999! And it seems we IT guys have more affinity towards FRIDAY!
    Good job once again! Good going! 🙂


    • Hey buddy, thanks a ton.. 🙂
      Yes, I know you are among the 999. We are friends mate. So it’s quite obvious that you are among the 999. 😀
      Yep, IT guys crave for the Friday. But I am sure that the others covet it too, as much as we do. After all, even they are among the 999.. 🙂

      Thanks a ton again for stopping by. Glad you liked it. 🙂


    • Oh yes absolutely. The entire Friday evening is meant to be a transition from the Work Week to the Weekend !!!
      It’s just a matter of patience and anticipation.. 🙂

      Thanks Dana.. 🙂


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