Writing about football, are we ??!!

The odyssey of camaraderie took some time to start. But once it had begun, there was no going back. I could not stop a missile that was already launched and was in motion. I’m not Tony Stark.

So, the only way for me was forward. The journey had begun and the march would have to go forward, no matter what. The freelancing journey had taken time but it was gradually taking shape. I was in search of that one assignment that would be a long term commitment to work and learning.

One day, while casually browsing projects to apply for, I saw an employer looking for people to write football articles on his website. That felt like a dream come true… I love writing and I am very interested in football. Moreover, I was going to get paid for combining these two passions. Writing on a topic I follow and love, with the scope of learning tremendously about both the sport and writing drew me to it like mice to cheese. What more could I ask for!!!

Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity. I applied and fortuitously, I got shortlisted and then selected to write. I began work with zeal. I learned a lot in a very short span of time. Soon, my brother also joined me, lured by the idea of earning for writing about a topic that is so close to his heart. Himself a footballer, he was instantly hooked on to it and both of us worked on writing as many articles per day as we could. We received constant appreciation for our articles because of our love of the language and the sport.

As time passed and we kept up our passion, we thought it would be better to expand our horizons. We had published over a hundred articles and wanted to see if we could do something of our own. As writing was in our blood, we thought we could learn from an independent venture, in addition to the continuous learning from the regular articles we wrote.

With that thought in mind, we started a blog on WordPress.com named A Plethora of Football, on which we decided to put in anything and everything related to football. The point was to include as many friends and like-minded people as possible to write about football. We knew some people who had a knack of writing and who worshipped the game. We spoke to them and they latched on to the idea. Our blog was online.

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Source: F 4 Football

We used this blog to focus only on football. We began right at the time of the Euro Championship, after which league transfers were around the corner. We also put up news and articles that football aficionados like to follow and read. It was a generic blog set up to give voice to the numerous debates that keep happening in smaller social circles all the time.

Though it has been dormant because of our individual work and academic schedules that began to take a toll on our physical and mental lives, the blog was quite a success. We were able to get the attention of visitors and even some employers who wanted to hire us to write for their well-established websites. Unfortunately, our lives had become entangled in work and studies with no time for anything else.

We could not venture into something new. But in hindsight, what we did manage to get up and running was quite exciting. We ventured into something that we liked to do, something that excited us and something that taught us a lot of stuff about entrepreneurship. With His permission, we might get into something better soon…


6 thoughts on “Writing about football, are we ??!!

  1. The blog looked quite crispy… Pro I meant… can’t comment more on that due to my lack of interest/knowledge about the game… I’m a test-cricket guy… Doesn’t matter whether I understand it or not, you should seriously think of re-initiating the soccer blog… it has been abandonned more than 2 years! On a separate note, more I read about your freelancing journey, more I get hooked to it 🙂

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    • Hey buddy, thanks for dropping by and thanks for going through our dormant blog as well. Well, the thing about that blog was that it was a collaborative effort by quite a few like-minded souls, my younger brother included. The problem at hand now is that not one of these souls has enough time to write. I don’t know if I can resuscitate the blog, but I do think that if I can find more passion within myself to write more frequently on my own blog, I will eventually find the passion to expand. What do you think?


      • Cool… Siddharth, I saw someone was looking for soccer article writer in IB forum which reminded me of you… if at all you’re interested do contact that guy… may be you’ll rediscover your lost inferno 😉

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        • Yea that was a couple of months ago right? If that’s the one you are talking about then I did get in touch with that person but then it all just fizzled out as he did not show much interest…


    • Thanks a lot Shweta for this award. It is an honour to be awarded this and I am glad you chose me for this. Thanks again. Hope to see you around…


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