5 lessons I learned from blogging – Part 1

When I wrote about my journey of writing, learning and blogging, I relived my experience of entering the world of blogging, learning how to go about it and venturing into the vast world of content publishing, while clawing at the tips of the iceberg known as freelancing.

A close friend commented elaborately on that post, highlighting how blogging made him feel and what he had realised about the blogging community in a very short span of time.

I barely got into the world of bloggers once. But this brief peek made me realize that:

• Other bloggers don’t judge but encourage – this is good for beginners and also for a community to build and sustain itself

• Blogging is for one who is innately passionate towards writing and mostly used as an alternative channel of expressing oneself or one’s opinions.

He strikes gold on a couple of points that taught me something and made me realise the importance of some social aspects that I learned in my blogging ‘career’.

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1. Encouragement for a newbie:

When I was new to the world of blogging and content creation, I was not sure I would be able to write my heart out. I had expected a community of ‘seniors’ who would bully me about the content I could put up, trying to scrutinise every word I put on paper. But that was not so.

I received, on my blog, comments from people across the world who had something to say about what I had penned down. People I never even knew existed commented on my posts and gave me invaluable feedback. That feedback has shaped me.

I realised then that the blogging community is not one to keep the fruits of labour to itself, while suppressing the newbies on the horizon. Quite contrarily, it is a well-meaning society in which people endeavour to encourage others and pull them up, rather than push them down.

In one of my earliest posts on India’s take on Daylight-Savings, I had put up a note earlier. This note, at the end of the post, was a disclaimer to absolve myself from any criticism that I might be subjected to for a funnily expressed opinion that could be misconstrued. I did not want a backlash for the post, especially when the web seemed to abound of such misinterpreted and misconstrued notions. The note served as a justification to inform people that it was not my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings and that if anyone felt offended by any part of the post, it was totally unintentional. I expected a backlash from the readers, but what I received was completely contrary to my expectations.

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I received appreciation from people who cited that the content was not inflammatory, prejudiced or offensive. It was, contrarily, quite funny, expressing an opinion in a different way. Some of my readers informed me that I did not need to put up such a note to defend myself for something that was not wrong at all and that there was no need to justify myself. I was informed that the blogging community understood what I tried to say and I did not need to try to sound so politically and ethically correct. People encouraged me to write freely about what I wanted the way I wanted to.

Such encouragement, as a newbie, meant a lot to me. I learned that the blogging community is not only supportive but also encouraging. It encourages others to speak up their mind, put forward their thoughts and not be judged (in most cases).

This learning took me to my next point of community creation, which I have discussed in the next post here.


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