5 lessons I learned from blogging – Part 3

My previous two posts (cited here and here) in this series stemmed from a comment on my post about blogging, which made me realise my learning through blogging.

In the first post, I cited how the blogging community has always been very encouraging of peers and seers, and in the second, I highlighted the importance of forming communities on top of each others’ ideas created by innately passionate bloggers.

In that comment by my friend, he also raised some benefits of blogging as he had observed. He wrote:

However, I do realize it has potential other benefits as well:

1. Improves ones ability to structure, articulate and present thoughts (This is true man! I had to revise the structure of this reply multiple times so far to think what I was actually intending to write 😀

2. The process of writing a blog creates the need to read/brush-through many journals and blogs, thereby improving knowledge and awareness

The first point here made me realise the importance of structure and thought process that goes into writing and the second led me to appreciate my love towards reading and its importance in writing.

4. Writing improves structuring:

Thought precedes writing. We think about something and we have something to say about it, so we use the favourable medium of expression to vent it out. When we write, our brain has already triggered a thought process that forms a network of ideas to be expressed in words that flow like a river. But this needs to be preceded by thinking about what we want to say and how we want to say it.

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Source: Overnight Essay

This network of thoughts that forms in our head may not make immediate sense to the reader, if presented as a cluttered set of ideas that do not make sense individually. It is the prerogative of the writer to convey his idea in as simple and concise a manner that it will be understood by every reader. To do that, however, the writer has to structure his thoughts to form a logical, coherent formation that stays consistent with the writer’s intentions.

On social media platforms such as Twitter, where the character limit of 140 hinders the expressive ability of the writer, the writer need not adhere to a structural pattern to express an idea. But on a blog such as this, where I am free to write as much as I want, I have to think about what I want to say and how I want to say it. I cannot put up random ideas and expect the reader to make sense of it. It is my prerogative to form a structure of my thoughts so that when I pen them down, I form a clear picture in not only my head but also the reader’s. That is the only way I can deliver value to the reader.

This art of writing brings about evolution in a person as he learns to balance his writing for both a novice and a well-read intellectual. In our socially connected digital age, where information dissemination is at our fingertips, it becomes even more vital to learn to structure our thoughts so that we engage our readers and not merely publish our views. The formation of the structure in a blog post or an article harbours in the “growth mindset” that Salman Khan (not the actor) elucidates. It is one of the most important yet intangible aspects of blogging and learning from writing.

Read the final post to know how the habit of reading forms the basis of writing and blogging.


6 thoughts on “5 lessons I learned from blogging – Part 3

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  3. Well, I remember one of my programming tutor used to tell one v. imp. thing… everyone should be asked and they should be able to write/draw a flowchart of their activities from morning to night without missing anything…. this vl help them to be more structure, more organized 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh nice. Makes sense. It is exhilarating to find that tune of thinking before writing and structuring before publishing. Hope to achieve that some day…


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