5 lessons I learned from blogging – Part 4

In the final part of this series, I will cite how the most important lesson of blogging is not about writing, but about reading. I already stated that a blogger receives encouragement from the community which is created by the innately passionate bloggers building on top of each others’ ideas in a manner that the reader understands because of its structural prowess.

My friend, in a comment that triggered this series of realisation, cited the benefits of blogging as he observed. He wrote:

However, I do realize it has potential other benefits as well:

1. Improves ones ability to structure, articulate and present thoughts (This is true man! I had to revise the structure of this reply multiple times so far to think what I was actually intending to write 😀

2. The process of writing a blog creates the need to read/brush-through many journals and blogs, thereby improving knowledge and awareness

5. Reading is a pre-requisite:

Before we write, we always have to read. This is not a luxury; it is a necessity. It is a necessity because to express our opinions onto the world, we first need to know something about what we intend to communicate with the audience. For that, we need to read.

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Source: Grammarly

Knowledge is easily available today. The internet has made it possible. Online courses, MOOCs, Khan Academy, Wikipedia, video and audio tutorials and tons of other media have made accessibility and availability of knowledge a cakewalk. It is no longer a challenge to find out something about something. Google has all the answers…well, almost.

Anyone can learn anything. But to form an opinion about something, we have to go through several items. We cannot rely on only one perspective put forth by an individual and form an unshakeable belief based solely on that. It is not only easy but also convenient to get misled by biased perspectives and prejudiced opinions and nurture a belief without wondering about alternative explanations.

Reading tons of sources of information enables us to gather our thoughts and structure them as we begin to form our beliefs and opinions, supported by a solid understanding of the matter. The improvement in knowledge and awareness is manifold as our thought process is no longer confined to the boundaries of what is already known and available but extends beyond the realm of the obvious to peek into the world of possibilities.

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Source: Teach Mentor Texts

Reading provides us with that pre-requisite to writing. Before I wrote this, I myself thought about what I had learned and recollected the gist of articles I had read that reinforced this learning. That reading has enhanced my knowledge and awareness, as my friend cited, and has enabled me to put forth my thoughts.

It is just a matter of realisation that the 5 points I have mentioned in this series of posts have been crucial to develop me as a blogger. There is much that I have learned through my actions and there is much left to learn. As I venture deeper into the alluring world of blogging, I am more enthralled by the learning formed through reading, structuring my thoughts, blogging about it passionately, building communities and getting encouraged to venture further. The cycle repeats itself with increased fervour.

It is just astonishing that a straightforward comment triggered a 4-post series of self-realised learning. But it has been a wonderful week spent realising the true potential and benefits of blogging.

How has it been with you? What have you learned so far? What have you implemented as a way of life?


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