Apple fans are dumb…and so am I

Ever since the unveiling of the new iPhone, people have been going crazy on the internet, trying to mock Apple fans and users and criticising Apple for their apparent lack of innovation, which was once their forte. The internet has flooded with memes, trolls and technical comparisons between Apple and every other phone maker to show how the new iPhone is uninteresting, shockingly expensive, un-innnovative and remarkably late.

The day after Apple’s launch of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Watch, I had an interesting discussion with a friend.

Me: Hey, saw the new iPhone?

Sam (sung): Yea, it’s pathetic.

Me: Really? Why?

Sam: Yea man, nothing new in it. Huge waste of time and money.

Me: Time? How is it a waste of time?

Sam: I don’t know man. It just is.

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Me: Nah, I like Apple and their products. I think I want to buy it.

Sam: Dude are you crazy? What’s gotten into you? You’re gonna buy an Apple product?

Me (a little apprehensive): Yea, why?

Sam: Dude, they are so pricey and they have nothing new. They can’t innovate.

Me: Perhaps. Perhaps there is nothing new and there hasn’t been much innovation. But I like their products anyway.

Sam: No man, how can you like their products when there are other products in the market? There are tons of other makers that have the same features. Haven’t you been active on social media? All the sites say that there is nothing new in the iPhone, so it must be true.

Me: Really? How does that work? People post what they want to and it becomes true? Don’t I have my own choice?

Sam: Dude, Apple fans are dumb.

Me: Oh, is it? (waving my iPhone 5s in his face) Thanks for letting me know (with every bit of sarcasm intended).

Sam (a little awkwardly): Oh, I mean you are not dumb but other people are dumb.

Me: Because they are fans of Apple and buy Apple products?

Sam: Yea. Apple products are so expensive.

Me: They have money. They like the product. They buy it. It’s really that simple. Why does it have to get more complicated than that?

Sam: No dude, there are cheaper alternatives. Google, Samsung, Nokia, HTC and many more… They are all cheaper and have more features and everything is just better.

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Me: Why doesn’t personal choice play a role in purchasing decisions? How does it matter if there are alternatives? They don’t want the alternatives even if they are cheaper. It is just a matter of choice, isn’t it?

Sam: But Apple is expensive and a waste of money. You can spend that money on an international trip somewhere instead of spending on that phone. Invest in a basic phone and go to Thailand with the rest of the money instead of buying iPhone 6.

Me: But money isn’t a matter to them. They can buy an iPhone and still go to Thailand and Morocco and Mauritius and wherever. So what’s the problem?

Sam: Why would someone invest in expensive stuff when one has cheaper stuff to do the same thing?

Me: Because they can…and want to???

Sam: Doesn’t make sense to me.

Me: Says the guy who drives a Ferrari, wears Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses and owns Bang & Olufsen earphones !!! What happened to Toyota and Ray Ban and Sennheiser? Aren’t they cheaper alternatives?

Sam: Well, yea, but…I mean…it’s different.

Me: Nothing is different. It is just personal choice. Wouldn’t it be wiser if we let people make their own choice? Do we need to categorise and characterise people based on their purchasing behaviour? How do we decide the smartness level of an individual based on what he buys?

Sam: Umm…but umm…hmm…

Me: When you buy a Ferrari because you like it, you become ‘cool’. If I buy the new iPhone because I like it, how do I become dumb? I like Apple as a company anyway. The world’s largest company by market capitalisation, it is also one of my favourites for market positioning.

But hey, you’re right. Who am I to neglect the “obvious” truth? Who am I to say anything about it? Who am I to have my own choice? I have no stand in the matter. I have no preferences. After all, I’m just a “dumb” Apple fan.


15 thoughts on “Apple fans are dumb…and so am I

  1. Lots of lolzzzz and lots of Grrrrrrrrrrzzz :-))
    I gave your link to a friend with whom I had this argument many times… she’ll be visiting your blog anytime 😀
    “Invest in a basic phone and go to Thailand with the rest of the money instead of buying iPhone 6”- exactly… I’ll spend 28k on a better P&S and rest 30K…ummm… Thailand or Phuket…bit confused :-/
    and it’s good that you openly admitted of your heavy wallet 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Anunoy, even I thought that this would be a good topic to write on, considering the frenzy it has received in the last week, Anyway, I would not prefer to invest in a basic phone. I would rather wait till I can save up to buy the iPhone and then save up again for the international trip.
      On the most serious note, I just own an iPhone. That has nothing to do with deep pockets or heavy wallet. I am barely surviving…


  2. Agree with your point. Its a decision made by choice (the reason for choice could be the-need-to-show-off, amazing user experience, simplistic design etc).
    I’ve never owned an iPhone and never will. Rather take that option to go to thailand 😀
    The funny part is, If one wants to goto thailand, one will. But, it has never happened in history that one went to Thailand triggered by his/ her decision to skip purchasing the iPhone 😛
    So honestly, if someone likes it, he/ she should go ahead and buy the damn thing (despite thy looking stupid) and enjoy it.

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    • Haha I loved that line Venkat – “It has never happened in history that one went to Thailand triggered by one’s decision to skip purchasing the iPhone”.

      It makes total sense to me too. The point that decisions and trade-offs are a part and parcel of our life is unknown to many. I don’t understand the torment that Apple fans, including me, had (have) to undergo about their purchase.

      Your perspective makes a lot of sense because it is showcases your choice without suppressing others’. I wish more people learn to accept that…


    • Hi, thanks for posting this. I am not refuting or rebutting facts. I am merely stating that users have a choice and they can choose whatever they want to, irrespective of global facts.
      Secondly, this article was written in July, when typically rumours of the release off iPhone had already hit the market. That time, people stop buying older iPhones and wait for the newer products to hit the market. Moreover, Apple already crossed its record of pre-orders, reaching 4million for the iPhone 6 series.


  3. I am using apple phone since iPhone 4. I have liked it so far and planning to buy iPhone 6.
    I think most Android fans complain not just about price but about innovation and how Apple fans see it with colored glass. If Apple takes lead on big screen or NFC it’s cool but when Android does same thing before Apple, nobody pays attention.
    As a company, Apple is known in market as innovator and trend setter which is partially true.

    To me, it doesn’t matter if apple isn’t innovative, but they sure knows how to make a good product. so I am happy with my decision.

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    • Hi buddy, exactly my point. I also have iPhone 5s and I love it. I also will buy the iPhone 6 some time…

      I totally agree with your point that Android and iOS comparisons have been too trivial to care about. There seems to be no side for individuals who want to have their own choice.


  4. I believe this is the post you were talking about; based on how people attempt to impose their opinions on others. From my experience with the iPad, I know that Apple products can offer the kind of smooth lag free experience that almost 90% of Android gadgets fail to match up to.
    Funnily, Android users are the ones to talk here, when there is zero innovation in Android phones. Samsung blindly ups the specs and the size with every model and no one has a word of critique to offer.

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    • Wow just the opinion I was looking for. Thanks Palak.

      Yes this is the post I was referring to. I am glad you read it. I also love Apple products and honestly, don’t mind emptying my wallet. I don’t necessarily buy them for the innovation. I buy and will buy just because I like them.

      True that Samsung and Android don’t have some phenomenally supernatural powers either. They are all just phones. Why all the fuss about them !!!


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