Tinder is entering your social life…

Just read up about Tinder now experimenting with a feature that allows users to ‘socialize’ with like-minded people. After swiping right, you can expand your network to connect to a couple of others like you, and together, you can plan an evening (or night, as Tinder put it), go to a concert, watch a movie, or ‘Netflix and chill’ (yeah, that’s mine, but you were thinking about it too…)

It’s interesting to see Tinder evolving itself beyond ‘instant gratification’ (don’t judge me!) to a broader scope. As it has expanded its international operations, Tinder has also contextualised itself, with its #SanskariTinder handle that went viral a while ago.

I admire the way Tinder has pivoted to new horizons while consistently maintaining the core of its app experience, functionality, and likeability. In India, it has even gone to the extent of listing out people’s qualifications and credentials to give it authenticity in the minds of its users (albeit to be fair, Vee, another app based out of India, did it first).

Secondly, I feel Tinder is relying on the concept of ‘social graph’ made popular by Facebook. Though the underlying algorithm will certainly be different, the inherent concept of connecting like-minded people that form nodes in an interconnected network is fascinating. Should be interesting to see how it works.

Finally, let’s talk about Indian users of Tinder. India has not received this update yet, but if and when it does, we all know where that is headed. It will not take long for desperation to reach whole new levels altogether. People wanting to ‘be fraaands’ with you might just bombard your Tinder. Good luck with that!

Good going Tinder!


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