Who writes all this?

Some guy who is high on thoughts, low on time… I hear they call him Siddharth.

What you might find on this blog:

  • Viewpoints

Biased, perceptive, contextual, and subjective. Isn’t that obvious, you say? Yep, that’s why you’re here, aren’t you?

  • About what?

Anything that deserves enough time to spit out thoughts about

  • What should you do?

Read, comment, share, subscribe… you know the drill. Get to it. NOW!


13 thoughts on “Who writes all this?

  1. I was also trained in the human behavioral sciences. I am unable to turn off the observation of others which usually frustrates friends and family alike. Then I realized I could write about it and my observations became interesting and I could play with them in a creative way. Writing posts and short stories like the cubicle one has been very cathartic. We seem to be like-minded. Any chance you’ll write about India? It is a dream of mine to go there one day and I’m always attracted to so many aspects of Indian culture. Good luck with your blog and thanks for the support!


    • Actually I haven’t been trained in any aspect of psychology or behavioural sciences. It is, I think, inherent in me because of my Dad and I just seem to have developed a passion towards it as I’ve matured. But observing everything around me gives me a sense of satisfaction that probably cannot be valued monetarily.
      Btw, I am not sure what I will write about. I just scribble down whatever comes to my mind. I just started blogging recently after I realised that it was a high time that I needed a proper channel into which I could devote my energy. I may write about India but it may not be about the whole country as such. It could be mostly about a local aspect of the city or the people.
      Thanks a ton for your wishes. They do mean a lot to startups like me. I just hope I am able to live up to your expectations. 🙂


      • Aww, no worries! Definitely, write about whatever inspires you. Even if it’s local, you will have your own spin, bringing your insights to bear on the situation. I look forward to it!


        • Frankly, you can learn a lot more about India from the web (Wikipedia will be most helpful). Nonetheless, be in touch with me. You will learn one very important thing about India – what a stereotypical Indian is NOT !!! 😀
          Btw, I do intend to document my analysis of everyday life and of whatever I read (which is usually all the time I am not working). Thanks for your words of motivation. 🙂
          Oh and yeah, we do seem to be like-minded, though I haven’t really gone to the extent of frustrating my family and friends…yet. But yes, I can also do the same thing – make a mental note of my observations and pen them down here with my personal insight onto it. Will definitely give serious thought to your idea. 🙂


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  3. By seeing all these thoughts of observation i am astonished..Sid .. In mysore i met you but nothing like that i observed..Anyway until unless mugging of mind is there fruitful results are missing…


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